What graphics cards work in HIGHFIDELITY


Does your graphics card work or not in hifi
I put up a spreadsheet so you can add in yours if it works or not.
I don’t know how to stop it being drowned in opinions but I thought if I try hifi and it doesn’t work I can check here to see if anyone else has the same problem. Equally if I want a new card I can check here to see if anyone else is using it successfully.
if you have a card that’s already up there add a number to the rating maybe
Its editable now so you can add in your own equiptment

AMD brings affordable VR to everyone $199 - Nvidia offers A better Solution with the GTX 1070 for VR

Nvidia GTX660M, Nvidia GTX680M (laptop - Alienware for each)
Intel 4000 on Alienware laptop

Tested with Windows 7 and 10 - Linux – Ubuntu 15.10


I updated the spreadsheet with three graphics chips:

I was surprised that the HD4000 works for @ctrlaltdavid but not my wife’s new 2015 HP Spectre 360 which has an Intel HD5500. I’d love to determine the difference.

My 2013 Dell Latitude with the HD4400 does not work, shows the same render issues as the HD5500 HP machine.

Maybe it is an OpenGL or DirectX issue?


The OpenGL version of my Surface Pro 1 (HD 4000 GPU) which mysteriously runs Interface OK is reported in the program log as:
[01/09 11:05:54] [DEBUG] GL Version: “4.0.0 - Build”
[01/09 11:05:54] [DEBUG] GL Shader Language Version: “4.00 - Build”
[01/09 11:05:54] [DEBUG] GL Vendor: “Intel”


My ASUS g73:
[01/09 19:03:14] [DEBUG] GL Version: “4.1.0 NVIDIA 359.00”
[01/09 19:03:14] [DEBUG] GL Shader Language Version: “4.10 NVIDIA via Cg compiler”
[01/09 19:03:14] [DEBUG] GL Vendor: “NVIDIA Corporation”
[01/09 19:03:14] [DEBUG] GL Renderer: “GeForce GTX 460M/PCIe/SSE2”

The HP Spectre 360:
[10/29 01:44:35] [DEBUG] GL Version: “4.1.0 - Build”
[10/29 01:44:35] [DEBUG] GL Shader Language Version: “4.10 - Build”
[10/29 01:44:35] [DEBUG] GL Vendor: “Intel”
[10/29 01:44:35] [DEBUG] GL Renderer: “Intel® HD Graphics 5500”


I wanna bump this thread back up cos we still need it


I think most of time when someone is having issues it’s usually due to running an Integrated graphics chip than a discrete one. Would be good to document that.

Fortunately OpenGL version has not been bumped to my knowledge since PBR got implemented, which means that the above gathered info is still should be valid…

But I think its safe to say anything better than 6 year old top Nvidia discrete card (either desktop or laptop) should work okish, but for VR you’d need something like a 780 TI or better

We would also need alot more AMD users to test out it, because most people that are active seem to stick with nvidia.


I just prefer to let people discover their beloved pc isnt all it use to be than have to tell them 1 to 1 lol


Yes. I stopped using my old computer for HiFi a year ago when I noticed tiny writing on the side of the graphics card box that said:

“Best if used before 01/01/2016”

t’ wink :wink: