What happened to Hifi?


So I took a break away from hifi because real life needed my attention… Now I am back and it just seems to me hifi has become a lot WORSE than it was… This is supposed to be open beta right? Why is it worse than alpha?

What happened to the directory?
What’s up with the startup scripts?
How do I know my domain is connected?
Many of the menus in interface do nothing.
New Edit windows are too large for the screen and unusable (can’t grab the top edge to move it around)

I am sure there are a lot of other things that have been maimed into unusability but this is about all I can take for now.

I guess I will wait for sansar…


Sounds like you took a very long break from logging in.

Lets eliminate variables what maybe causing issues with your startupscripts and unnessary menus:

If are using Windows Interface, and previous had an Alpha version of the client, I suggest clearing all the preferences and the file structure in the

%APPDATA%\High Fidelity

and in

%LOCALAPPDATA%\High Fidelity

And then joining back in with a clean preferences and eliminate all the variables that those may be causing your issues. After this you shouldnt have any further issues with the startup scripts getting jumbled up, having extra menus.

The Directory got removed back in April during the Beta transition as they wanted to rework it, see thread:

We are only now getting some indication of the direction with the new Domain based Users online functionality that was implemented in the last Beta build, where it gives you locations where people are at, and depending on what you have written so far.

There is no other graphical UI available for it yet, which definitely is very annoying.
But if you are technically oriented and impatient
There is a REST API you can use. No doubt a better interface is being worked on as this required however.

You can check if the place it self shows up in the suggestion list by checking it through the domains All list while connected to the domain.


The above API displays all the domains that have someone in them, and are open to the general public.

Domain connection can be tried by simply teleportation to your domain.

If your resolution cannot fit the edit window, which is integrated into the window so that HMD users can interact with them. I suggest giving CtrlAltDavid’s edit script a try instead, which works similarly to the old edit script with the new stuff in place.


Should have left the old domains directory there while the new one is under construction.

My problem now is I am not seeing any entities. I guess hifi isn’t friendly with intel graphics.


Yes I know, I used it for my CraxIM instant messenger.