What happened to Skybox Reflection on Metallic objects?


I was looking at some of my old debug stuff after noticing an odd quirk with the materials:

What exactly happened to the old metallic reflectivity we used to have in which the skybox was reflected? now it seems to give this ugly shader instead of the reflected skybox.
Used to be like:

Looks now like

This should probably be fixed as soon as possible because otherwise content creators will have a surprise shiny stuff everywhere waiting for them if this behavior is returned.


yes, this has happened to me on occasion. Can confirm.


Currently backtracking quite a faaar aways from main build.
I guess I have to again keep the shiny objects rezed out in my main building zone to catch these bugs, AGAIN.


I’ll ask our graphics engineering team about this…


The PR8211 build that was merged to Release 16 had it still working.
Checking from it up on Release 16 and going up from there.

In PR8655 it is already broken, so somewhere inbetween the two Builds its broken. Thats just bout 440 pull requests inbetween.

Unfortunately, I cant get seem to get any of the Beta builds from (R16) 5181 to start. They all crash on startup so its hard for me to help to pinpoint the exact version this issue started on. has there been a change to login / hifi logins?


Probably QT5.5.1 to QT5.6.1 transit area - I noticed in some backtracking around that time that I had to do 2 things - uninstall any installed build and double check that uninstall really removed all from program files then install version to try.

Also there were a few builds where some QML files got shuffled around that could lead to a crash if they were left at mismatched versions.

Basically those two things could lead to an overwrite install failing to launch.


Ah okay, ill have to make sure to clear the entire installation directory when doing so,
Ill try pinpointing the build that had the change after I get back from work, unless someone else manages to do it before me.