What happened to the directory?


On the website, it moved down the page for a while and now its gone completely.

No link or anything, have I missed something? There should at least be a link at the top menu.

But the directory and featured places is gone :frowning:

What happened to Hifi?

Yes, my primary navigation is gone. Oh well, it is in the goto icon inside of interface.


If you know it, i use this days when needed.


We have decided the directory and use of input devices will nolonger be supported as they don’t align with our vision .Moving forward we plan to do away with the graphics engine as it affects performance and also provides usablity which as you know isn’t part of the roadmap.


Gives judas a telex. before the decide the drop voice too.


Introducing the Imagination GPU, 860NN, neural net based and capable of rendering billions of vertices per second with a petabyte texture memory and temporal based decimation algorithms. Using amazing compression algorithms, graphics and object representation is sent via low bandwidth encoding:


Mind. Blown.


LOL I love this. Bring’s be back!


Hi all, I’m not sure why it was taken off the website… I will try to find out! But there was this effort to streamline the website before launch. We might have surmised (maybe incorrectly) that it wasn’t something people wanted on the website since it’s available in-world through the Go To button.

Was it the high level discoverability you liked? Do lemmeno.



It could probably do with sprucing up a bit yes but it is good


It need to just show the up and accessible domains. Its annoying playing guess which is up. Also clicking the image needs to take you to the location not just the blue word.


For me it was less about what I see and more about what curious new lookers see.

I think they would like to see the extent of variety and sheer number of destinations that will soon be, and that would add to the desire to take the next step, download the interface and go somewhere.

Without it, it feels a bit like a smorgasbord where all the food is hidden until you know how to get in.
Sure lots of our destinations are rough and some are not really up to scrutiny yet, but it is what it is, a beginning, and I think honest appetizing samples will convert more stayers than hype and over expectations


i duggested a while agi in worklist to add a button. It’s possible still open. on tabby so cannot check.

But the Directory page could be entry for google to index.


It was a major factor than justifies paying $20/year for the place name in the first place.


Just noticed a concerning comment in https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/7778 : “Directory.js is still in the default scripts and it shouldn’t be.”


You’re right that is extremely concerning.

Whats the thinking here? Is it going to be replaced with some other kind of directory script?

Because I cant imagine any idea that removes the directory from within the interface, that would be slamming the door in our faces, what are the names for?


Time for adaptation? Is it time to write places.js that gets pushed to anyone you arrives in participating domains. It takes over the enter key and lets people enter a real domain name that redirects to the related IP address.


“Remove directory from default scripts”: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/7780


This change is quite confusing to me. Just to be certain I understood this commit, I launched interface, removed directory.hs, and indeed the go to button is missing. So we now we will have no way to know which place names to domains are around and no WEB site that displays the place names either. Is this a mistake, or a temporary thing? Or, Is this also part of the “move feature to developers” to implement?


I checked on this, and the removal of the directory from default scripts is temporary; it’ll be back after it undergoes some improvements.