What happened to the Stack Manager Audio Settings Doc


This doc outlined the process of setting up zones on the domain for different audio settings.

The doc is missing from the docs.highfidelity.com

Is there a reason? are things changing? Does this doc no longer apply?


Oh now i come to think harder, there where 2 docs -’ Audio’ & ‘Sound’ both are gone (?) but your’s was useful :slight_smile: the other doc was about sound injectors and “not what i was looking for”


We’re moving things around a bit, and revising/adding as we go. The Stack Manager audio settings have been folded in with the rest of the Stack Manager settings: https://docs.highfidelity.com/docs/stack-manager-settings


Also, for those who are interested, there’s some new information on injecting sounds using JavaScript. Check out http://jsref.docs.highfidelity.com/docs/audioplaysound


Hi @freidrica. Thanks for your reply.
Please dont be offended by what I am about to say. Remember I am speaking for the Alphas, not the Devs.

I dont think the audioPlaySound doc will be seen as very useful in its current format. It speaks only to the tech savvy and the examples are not examples, they are snippets which do nothing without context, and there is no context.

A useful example is a simple script that works, and there isnt one, could you please include one.

I know people dont like it when I step forward and say it like it is, I dont make friends this way but somebody has to say it. I have read the whole doc and I am still no closer to writing a script to inject a sound.

One simple working script says more than 10 thousand words.

Thank you