What happens with avatars that not activate the name?


Ok, question. because someone try to get in high fidelity for a long time. Today we checked things again. I made a new account, and then you get send confirmation e-mail with activation link. Problem, he don’t get the e-mail.

But are users that create account but don’t acivate it automatic deleted again ?
Because the name from the first account he made still seems available on the forum. But he cannot login.

SO, what’s the best way the get that username activated ?


Is there a way to change the registered email-addy and have it send the activation email again?


Looked again today, and i found this https://metaverse.highfidelity.io/users/password/new It’s a bit to hidden, users not look there for something like that. Get microsoft windows 8 flashback. the did the same weirdness with local account.