What has happend to the walk action and why upsidedown camera


I could not get into HQ in the Friday the 12th: I was ok getting in for the meeting on the 11th. Even after the build was empty my system kept crashing
While watching the video I noticed no end off people crashing too. Boy! I am sure many of them have far more advanced hardware then I do. I only have 4 GB ram. The average user will all most probably have the same amount of ram.
I think it is too early to expect any huge improvement: but I was shocked on the 13th :frowning: to find the Avatars do not walk or move any more.
This is after we are told things are going to improve. I guess we are stuck on 2646 all weekend. So the weekend has become a bad time to try anything on HiFi because we are stuck with the same update until late Monday. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
I do not have the camera hardware for face movement but I noticed the camera is now totally goofed up. It was fun for a little while because It was creating my double.


Nah, nothing to do with system requirements right now: the latest rendering level changes have simply made everything unstable.


Strange! how render settings making walk and moving avi unstable? I can still upload and move objects. I must try harder not to keep testing the updated: When I think about it I have not seen any real improvements since day 1. That over a month ago.


If you mean the walking animation, that is controlled by walk.js. If that is missing, or not working, then you wont get animated.

By stability I did mean the constant crashing. It seems to occur when objects are moving relative to your avatar, but I’m just gonna wait till next week to see the stability improvements.


Hi @subongo - Are you having trouble with the walk script? If so, could I get some details:

  1. Which version are you using - the release version that ships with Interface, or the beta version? (beta: https://hifi-public.s3.amazonaws.com/procedural-animator/beta/walk.js)

  2. What is actually happening / not happening?

The beta version of the walk script was updated yesterday with support for Blender avatars and a number of other improvements. It’s currently being tested in preparation for a PR, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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version 2646 the latest version. The avatar will not move with the arrow keys.
Once I teleport to a location I am stuck there.
I will try the letter keys to see if the have any effect.