What has happened to all the Avatars created by users


I have not kept up with whats going on with the development of HIFI and I am kind of shocked to see so much developer continent missing from the marketplace. I understand that after 12 months Amazon say they will be charging for the files I have uploaded for use in HiFi.
If the files are no longer required I would like to be informed.
It is kind of getting hard to see what the purpose of logging on anymore as I do not see any links for socialising.


I suspect a lot of the avatars made earlier haven’t been updated to the current system, they made changes from time to time that broke many of the older avatars. For instance, I miss that youthful boy av they had at one point. Presumably some of those will be updated to the new system and reintroduced.


Yes, almost everything was removed from the marketplace (now called examples) and not clear why.

I just copied and saved your “Jeff” avatar as I use it. Thank you!

So, a lot of changes. Physically based rendering is now happening here, so the materials for older avatars have to be changed to make them look good. For example, Jeff has a metallic sheen which causes that white outline to appear on him:


Wow I do not remember the metallic sheen but it looks kind of cool in that picture.
I think it is sad that many people put a lot of time and effort to get the avatars to work in Hifi only to have their work removed with no reward for all the research and creation.
kind of brings back memories of the last days of Cloud Party.


well I certainly hope they update them to the current system.
I personally think if you want to get satisfaction from mesh making you should stick to working in your favorite 3d software and make high quality high poly products. I have never liked the low poly mesh used in 3d virtual worlds. Plus when you create in Blender for blender your creation stays yours.


:slight_smile: the metallic sheen used to not be there, but when HF switched to physically based rendering, the meaning of the materials changed. That means older avatars need to have their materials reworked.

Discussed here: https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/physically-based-shading-pbs-faq/10318