What is a good online course to for hifi?


For a developer it is always good to do something about upgrading your knowledge.

I was wondering, what would be a good online course/selfstudy to do, what would give me valuable knowledge for hifi and make my knowledge hifi ready ?


Go here and do all of the JS stuff.

When you are done, go here and complete the JS stuff.

Finally, you’ll finish with this JS stuff.

When you are finished, you’ll be able to understand every .js example code file that is packaged with HiFi.



puts js on top of the list, gonna be an expert


Yeah expressing emotions in hifi, so inspiring.

It is gonna so exiting to express disappointment in hifi.

oh wait … disappointment should not be exiting, that would miss the point of being disappointed.


I am super disappointed.


well you could try to play the blues …