What is high fidelity's official birthday date?


Curious, what year and date is high fidelity born.
Or what is the official birthday date ?


Hard to say; most programs are “born” when they are released. By this logic HiFi doesn’t have a birthday yet.
Else, I think 1st April 2014, start of Alpha, 1st April 2015, start of open Alpha. Creation date repository “hifi”:2012-08-10T18:26:22Z.
Choose the birthday yourself, for me it’s the start of Alpha back in 2014.


Of course we heard that @thoys was resident number 1!


I agree, alpha or before is the birth of something. just because SLB i got curious when highj fidelkity have birthday. And that is not when beta starts.


It’s really difficult as Open testing tends to be launched earlier and earlier @thoys but Is a perfect example


Is the real birthday date not the day that the dev finished the first code and made something working ?


Well, then it’s the git creation date back in 2012. Second life for example uses the date when it went public ( http://secondlife.wikia.com/wiki/First_Birthday_Event). Regarding @thoys = while thoys was indeed the first registered user apart from the devs, the alpha program launched April 1st, 2014, as seen from the registration dates of the other early, first patch Alphas.


Product birthdays usually begin when they are released to production. For commercial software that is a very important distinction because that is the day liabilities are measured. For some market sectors, it is also the date used to determine implied warranty. Before that date a company is not liable for damages caused by its prerelease software. On or after RTM (or the equivalent thereof), is zero day.


My starting date has 2 points.
I first entered into Hifi on a hand rolled client on or about 15 January 2014, for about 2 weeks I toyed with voxels, and Bucky Balls.
Two weeks later they announced the official start to the closed alpha and posted the first compiled interface release, I received an invite from Emily and I registered my user name Adrian.
I logged in with my user name in early February 2014.

I might guess the official start date would be the first release of compiled client (non dev version) combined with the first round of invitations to closed alpha testers. This is about Feb 2014.


At the “Alpha” meeting last Friday, @philip said he would answer the question. I can’t recall if he did or not?


Yes, he did say that. Maybe he might be planning a surprise for us all, like maybe a birthday party? That would be sweet.


Sorry I forgot to mention that! From a review of our our Hipchat logs, two dates almost a year apart for the initial coming-on-line of High Fidelity seem interesting:

First Successful Meeting with Deployed Servers - Feb 14 2013
2013-02-15T16:21:43+0000 - Philip Rosedale - “Great milestone yesterday - we got 4 of us on interface client with mixed audio and head gyro streaming!”

First Visitor (Thoys) - Feb 05 2014
2014-02-05T20:27:09+000 - Ryan Downe - "I am talking to someone from holland in world"
2014-02-05T20:27:12+0000 - Ryan Downe - “first contact”

So there you have it. We started putting code online and talking to each other earlier, but as far as we can remember, Thoys sucessfully built and logged in Feb 5, 2014.


What did I win? :wink: , It was fun, I was on there with Windows (quite a struggle to build back then), and wasn’t able to see the voxels that everyone else saw on their Mac OSX’s. Fun times! Nice meeting the team in person after 2 years :smile:.


Yes, i remember i compiled a short time the windows version too. What a nightmare :slight_smile:

Do we pick Feb 05 2014 as birthday dare ? or the other one ?


What we’ve got so far:

  • 2012/08/10 - Creation of Github Git (Start of coding?)
  • 2013/02/14 - First successful meeting in High Fidelity
  • 2014/02/05 - First non-staff user enters High Fidelity
  • 2014/04/01 - Start of closed Alpha
  • 2015/04/01 - Start of open Alpha
  • 2016/04/28 - Start of Beta
  • 2017/??/?? - Launch of High Fidelity

That’s quite a lot of dates. I made a little strawpoll, just for reference (http://www.strawpoll.me/10291772).


First successful meeting in High Fidelity? when did this happen?


Seems to only happen when you’re not there for some reason… :wink:


As an aside, did you know you can create polls right in the forum?

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  • What a time to be alive!

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Here’s how: https://blog.discourse.org/2015/08/improved-polls-in-discourse/


Thanks for the dates.
I dont want to take anything away from Thoys, but I have proof that I logged into Hifi, with a hand rolled interface, and created voxels in the first domain before 21 January 2014.
I have emails to Brad@highfidelity confirming I had entered the world.
I sent screenshots of the huge red voxel in the background, to Brad on 22-Jan-14, and I still have the emails.
The only difference was, nobody saw me, timezone diffs mean I almost always log on when everyone else is asleep.

   Brad Hefta-Gaub <brad@highfidelity.io>   

02/01/14 at 3:58 PM To adrian@lets3d.com
Message body Yes. JavaScript will be our primary scripting language.

Check out some of the samples. We’re adding more and more scripting functionality every day.

I’m building a space invaders example now.


On Jan 31, 2014, at 9:41 PM, adrian@lets3d.com wrote:

Hi Brad I have a simple question.

I noticed you have created some scripts in javascript,

will javascript be the principal (or only?) scripting language to be used


Interesting. Well, the green and sometimes red flashes may be related to a
demo feature that shows when servers come in or out… you can disable
from the following menu… Developer > Voxel Options > Don’t Fade In/Out
Voxel Server Changes

make sure that option is checked or enabled and see of the flashes go
away… and if the big red box goes away.

Also, if you turn on “stats” in the View menu (View > Stats) you will see
some additional details about the active servers, ping times, etc. It
be that we’re having trouble punching through your network firewall and
that’s causing the servers to be intermittently unavailable.


On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 4:59 PM, adrian@lets3d.com wrote:

Its definitely a background thing, I cant get behind it it just seems to
get further away, I took shots from different positions to give you an
Also there seems to be some flashes of green that come over the whole
screen that seem to emanate from this red thing.


Can you send me a screen shot of “the big red thing in the

I think you may be running into Windows specific bugs. We’re doing
our development on Mac. And as you might have noticed we only recently
the Windows build running.


On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 6:00 PM, adrian@lets3d.com wrote:

Hi Brad.

First thank you for allowing me to contact you and ask questions, I

try mot to take up too much of your time with trivia because I know

are working.

I am trying to understand what is happening inworld maybe you could
explain a few things to me please.

When I Add new voxels they dont show up right away, it seems to wait

while before rendering them on screen, is this normal (for now)?

Voxels seem to disappear as I approach closer, at other times they

seem to appear and disappear at random, is there some reason for them

What is that big red thing in the background, I seem to crash if I

go there.

The colour change function seems unreliable is this just part of the
errors due to the Alpha development stage?

I would really like to help but my C++ skills arent at an acceptable
so I will have to wait and hope there is some other way I can get
Please feel free to ask me to help in any way.

Thanks for your time