What is most important when setting up a dedicated sandbox computer?


I’m thinking about setting up a dedicated computer running sandbox which resides on the same network as my ordinary computer. Not sure about what type of hardware I should choose for such a computer. Is the graphics card even important then and is the minimum requirement a restriction anyway?

Thinking about having a I7 with 32GB Ram and a Samsung 960 m.2 SSD-drive. Would that max out the potential, even if the graphics card is of a more modest typ, like Intel Iris 6200 or something? Would prefer to keep the energy use down if the computer is going to be on all the time.


No. It is not required for a dedicated sandbox machine. As with all computing, the faster the better. You’ll eventually find your bottleneck, and for most people, it is their upload capacity. Hence, you will be better to serve your assets from elsewhere online, while maintaining primary domain control and serving at home upon your local dedicated system.



Free is running on an old surface pro2 Alpha versions d above had problems on a low speck machine I forget what it was


Correct. So I bought a high-spec’d machine to do my bidding. :blush:

Mr. Rosedale says that shared computing is on the horizon; so a single server may be obsolete by June 2017 or whenever the initial rollout of that code takes place.

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Thank’s Alpha. Running 100/100 now and it is sufficient for most things I do, only have a webserver now. Usually Googles ads and stuff is the bottleneck. Could upgrade to 1000/1000, but that would cost me a lot. Maybe something inbetween, like 250/250, would be the best option.

But I’d better try it out.



  1. SSD
  2. 20Mb+ upstream bandwidth.
  3. RAM 16GB+
  4. Corei5+

Much of this was discussed here:


For minimum I would suggest i7. More cores, more threads is better and there are already known problems with i5’s.

I only have 8GB RAM on the machine I use to host some of my places and it works, but like BP said, 16-32 would be better.

Same goes with up bandwidth. I only have 10-12 here but most of the time it works fine. But that is now, and as soon as people arrive that don’t care about their rendering and bandwidth cost, I am sure this will all change.

One thing though, I host all my content on Amazon, so none of the assets are coming from my machine. I would recommend everyone host their content on the cloud just because it can make a big difference.


Why so much ram ? a sandbox machine not use much memory at all. At least not my sandbox.

2 important things are bandwidth and hdd speed. and then memory + cpu.


Because a domain server stack is extremely sensitive to latency. You never ever want a hard page fault, especially with the audio mixers. The same holds true for the interface client, you do not want hard page faults to damage the render pipeline or the physics engine.


Maybe thats’s wrong question in this thread, but how it is with the RAM and a cloud server? My service provider offer ‘pro’ Windows servers with 2, 4 and 6 GB RAM (2, 4 or 6 cores), and ‘premium’ servers with 16 and 32 GB RAM (16 and 24 cores) - which are far to expensive for me. All are with SSD and 120 MBit. At Moment I run a 4 cores and 4 GB RAM cloud server for around 20 bucks/month.