What is Ryan's set-up for the hydra in the whiteboard drawing demo


May I ask what Ryan’s set-up for the hydra is in the whiteboard drawing demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXep2xUmluU . The arm movements looks smooth, particularly when moving the arms to the side.

I can’t do that with my hydra. I need to put the hydras on the base to get the avatar to put down the arms to the sides. And the arms goes to the back of the avatar and goes awry a lot of times.


  1. Do I need to set something up with motion controller? Or is motion controller not needed?
  2. Is he using Steam VR hydra drivers instead of motion controller?
  3. Where does he put the base? Is it relevant?
  4. Are there any calibration or additional script mods needed?


I would think hes not doing anything special
When I use mine standing I tend to have it on the floor between my feet
To reset the hydra tracking i stick my arms out to my sides T pose and press 3 on both at the same time.
I have used the steam hydra drivers to play vive games with the hydras and rift, its sparkley sweet

and dammit why are my hydras not workin today
blushes panic averted hand controllers not plugged in


Hi ya!

For that movie I was standing about a foot away from my desk. The Hydra base was at the edge of the desk and to my left. I had it velcro’d down to so that it couldn’t rotate or move. I was not running motion controller and it’s not needed. I was not running Steam and it’s not needed.

The reason it looked smooth at my sides was because I was standing up so I was actually resting my arms by my sides :slight_smile:

As Judas said, to calibrate, hold your arms in a T position and press the ‘3’'s on the controllers at the same time. Sometimes I need to do this several times for it to calibrate correctly. Sometimes, I even need to cradle them and then pick them back up and calibrate to get them to be right. The Hydras are a temperamental beast.

Hope that helps.


@ryan & @Judas, thank you very much. I got it calibrated. And yes I needed to place them on the base at times to recalibrate. Sometimes I need to restart hifi.

For other readers press the “3” button quickly and lightly rather than pressing and holding to calibrate. You will know it recalibrated because the camera will reset the view with the avatar in t-pose.

This also means that the info at https://readme.highfidelity.com/docs/hand-controllers wherein calibration is done with bumper buttons is no longer correct.

In addition I think trigger+3 button or +1 button teleports the avatar.


In Interface build 5211 the calibration buttons for the hydra is either button “1” or “2”. Calibration is more reliable now.

And to drop an item e.g. markers, the controller needs to be inverted which means rolling the controller in your hand. And it twist the avatar’s hand to an unnatural outward rotation instead of pointing downwards.

And a side comment on the new whiteboard: I find it more difficult to write anything with the new markers because there is no force feedback or haptic feedback in the hydra when the marker is on the whiteboard I have difficulty determining when to move it away just by sight. Perhaps toggling with triggers to turn on and off the markers may help with controls.


I could not write at all friday on the whiteboard, it’s broken with HTC vive for me.
Also attach and deteach works much harder since the big change. Dropping the markers sometime sonly worked by give it to the other hand and turn it upside down. and hope it drops.

Also, is there not a change you drop a weapon by accident when you turn your hand ? What’s wrong with a release button ?