What is system mic volume supposed to be set to?

I am on Windows 10. I have my USB mic set to be my primary mic, and I am on two other virtual world systems using that mic, and nobody on any of the other ones seems to be complaining about my voice being too loud, but this one guy here keeps telling me my voice is all the way up in the red for him, and that its “a problem with Windows settings at your end, not in HiFi.” And then he tells others their mic is way too, earsplitting loud and “its everyone’s obligation to turn theirs down so I don’t have to adjust THEM down…”

I go into Sound > Microphone Properties, and select the Levels tab, and the slider was set to 88 (which is what it seems to have set itself to when I installed the USB mic onto my machine), but when I did a web search for what other people were setting their mic volume to, I notice a lot of screengrabs of what this interface looks like actually show the slider set to 100, or to 90, or somewhere high up there like that, though ONE screengrab I saw had it showing at 50-ish and another had it set at 5.

Many (most?) of these screengrabs also show a Boost slider, but I don’t even HAVE that option on the USB mic, I only have the Microphone slider, so if the Boost setting got set too high somewhere, and then somehow got inherited by the USB mic, there isn’t a way to turn that off in its properties. Mind you, I am making the assumption that if there’s no Boost slider there, then there isn’t a Boost feature available for the USB mic at all.

I lowered the Microphone slider to 50 or so (but haven’t spoken in world since I had it at 88), but my gut is telling me that is way too low. What setting does everyone else have their USB mic set to? 0o

I think it depends on your mic etc. Different mics have different levels. I had to look to see what mine is, which is set at 49 now. It’s been awhile since I changed it.

I think I try to set it so that I never go into the red in HiFi even when I am talking really loud.

One other thing that matters a lot is how close your mic is to your mouth. I’ve had cat knock headset off of desk and bend the mic arm thingy and people said I was really loud.

But after I bent it back it seems better. Either that, or they muted me…