What is the future concept of terrains in hifi?


I have found an interesting article to create a terrain with javascript.


Now my question is, which ways hifi will go, to deal with terrains?


Hopefully vertex shaders and tesselation shaders.


Ideally, there also needs to be a way to have caves and overhangs and such in the terrain system, too.


We want infinite rolling terrain that is diggable. Have done a few earlier experiments, and feel like it is feasible. Older data type used a dual contour approach with voxels. Currently we have an integration of polyvox which can be used to make chunks of terrain with caves.


@philip Sounds a lot like MineCraft…


I never have done something with Polyvoxels. Now I sit here with my first Polyvoxel and until now I can’t imagine, how I could make a terrain from this. What I can do?


You have to use the edit voxels script i think.


Ok, so I have made my first voxels terrain.

No clue, how out of the voxels happens the terrain, but will look closer in this script voxels.js.


so I have read some and gotten some ideas, how this finally could work:



What might be even better than HiFi adding terrains is HiFi adding plugin capability with plugins that can be added on the fly so developers can make their own terrain code.

*Edit: Looks like there’s already plugin capability. I wonder if that can be used for terrains :slight_smile: