What is the largest maximum region size in High FIdelity?


I’m curious. The maximum sim size in Second Life is 256m x 256m. The maximum experience size in Sansar is 4km x 4km. The maximum region size in Sinespace is 32km x 32 km: https://forum.sine.space/threads/what-is-the-maximum-size-for-a-sinespace-region.17117/

What is the maximum sim/region/domain/experience/whatever-you-call-it size in High FIdelity? (What do you call a sim in High Fidelity anyways?)

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


We call that a ‘Domain’ and it’s 32km X 32km X 32km.


Though I believe out towards the boundary, object-placement precision gets a bit tetchy due to the nature of floating-point numerics. I tend to keep all my visitable stuff within the 4km range and only have scenery (low-poly mountains intended not to be viewed from too close-up, for example) beyond that.


You go safely to 8km as long as you are not doing some micro detail stuff at the edges, after that its definitely risky. much larger objects are safer beyond the 8km


This floating point thing seems bonkers isn’t the point of computers to be accurate? If we have big domains but can’t use most of them because of lame maths then why large domains ?

This is what happens when you let the coders handle things. I think the artists need to organise a coup who’s with me ?


While floating point certainly has its place, I do wonder how often it is used due to convention left over from the 16-32bit era rather than best solution!


There are rumors about a different sort of coordinate system being in the plans. In anycase, Double Precision, which hifi uses should bring in quite large values.