What is the maximum avatar capacity of a High Fidelity domain?


I am writing a blogpost comparing the maximum avatar capacity of the various newer virtual world regions/domains. Can anyone tell me what the maximum avatar capcity of a HiFi domain is?


Stress Test in February 2017 with over 100 users, it s was fun.
I mean it s was on a Amazon Sever.


In last years stress tests up to 160 avatars (all in HMD) were hosted in Zaru.
And it’s scalable :slight_smile:
Here the blogpost about the early stress tests:


The maximum avatars that can be in a domain depends on a few factors, but they all stem from the server power (or servers if you want to split the workload) and the bandwidth required. Sadly, I don’t know the metrics myself, and since the tests done last year, there have been many optimizations implemented, so the same test done with the same servers could house more users or house the same number of users without any issues.


OK here is my blogpost: Which virtual world has the highest region capacity?