What is with the weird shadows


I find that the shadows deepen depending on viewer angle. What might be causing that behavior? Would someone with a 980 or 1070/80 graphics card go to this link and spin around. I need to know if this is yet another older graphics card bug.



Shadows are in the Dev menu because they are experimental.u should try them in vr so messed up they turn with your head.


Most likely the legacy stuff.

What card are you using or just integrated graphics?

(dont midn the stuck frames, apparently my recording software bugged up and I was lazy to start premiere to cut it up)

Funny thing is that I dont even see that shadows due to the skybox color being a solid


Thanks @Menithal, this does look like an older graphics card support bug. No, not integrated graphics. For that to work on an integrated graphics system you have to hack interface to permit OpenGL 4.0. This weird shadows issue is likely related to the other problems: point source lighting damaged, running with shadows disabled damaged, sparkles with shadows disabled, etc. @Sam was looking into it, though I suspect he’s stopped. Eventually, I’ll get a newer system, but it does leave a lot of people who want to try out HF in the lurch.

The skybox color is not affecting shadows much. its the ambient lighting that does, set to white. Presently I have ambient level at 1.3, azimuth at 0 degrees, light angle at 61 degrees.

Also, I am not having any problems with my system in sinewave Space, where I find myself nowadays more than here in HF.