What repository are you using for models?


What public accessible cloud file storage systems is everyone using for putting your models up on so they can be used in HiFi interface?


I am using the cloud storage I got with my internet provider.
Every one gets a little piece of storage ,
I have mounted mine as a dir so I can drag and drop the models in.


@MarcelEdward Thats not cloud storage but homepage webspace you talk about and get with most internet connections.


I’m using the public folder of Dropbox and Github, Github seems faster but Dropbox is easier. But the public folder I don’t think you get anymore as a new user


yes it is just file storage, you can’t run real applications like a stack manager from it.


I have just webhosting i use to store things. you can find that also free sometimes or cheap.


I use Amazon’s AWS service. I think it’s free (I am a prime member), http://aws.amazon.com/


I think people talked before about AWS and have tried it, but did hit limitations.

Sofar i know as free user it’s not so good for storage. your as far i remember limitied in the amount of data you can transfer and als there maby other limits.