What should i run the stack manager on?


I’m heeding advice that whilst I haven’t had a problem running the stack on my computer, that its wiser really to run it on a separate system.
I wanna buy something for this. I have a clapped out old pc which I’m told would suffice if i installed linux on it.
My reservations about doing this are firstly that’s a couple of grades of nerd above me. And the machines a fairly noisy bastard.
I had a look at google and i found a thing called a meegopad

seems to be a pc on a stick that runs windows 8.1
would that do?
What would be a better choice?

I want quiet cheap low power consumption and prob mac or pc based

edit -Got the meegopad runs the stack manager fine , weirdly it also runs interface fairly well


It may pay to run it hosted?

I’m still needing @Coal to help me with this.

It’s a cheap option anyway.


I run Centos7 based servers. It takes less resources compared to Windows and Mac.

Also, for low power consider a used laptop.


Hey @Debs - I will help you today at some point then you will be all set! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yippee !!! Thank you @Coal hugs


Since I think I do not fully understand the architecture of this yet, I would like to ask if it is possible to use domains w/ server space purchased through a host provider to both run the stack manager and/or to use as a repository from which to pull assets/entities? Does anyone know, please?

Thank you!


I run a domain on a ‘server’ from Digital Ocean. It is their smallest server version and costs $5 a month. It runs quite well for me. The os is Ubuntu 14.10 and there is a post here in the forum from OmegaHeron about how to set up a hifi server.



I guess this is really no different than running and storing from “the cloud”–the only difference being a physical vs virtual server, correct? Is there any benefit of one over the other?


I chose to run offsite because in this case it is cheap and easy. The amount of continuing work necessary to keep a home server running and connected to the internet and protected when compared to a ‘server’ that someone else does all that and for only $5 a month was an easy decision for me.


I use CentOS 7 on Digital Ocean with my script doing one command updates. It works well for multiple people - https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/centos-7-domain-server-compile-and-update-script/1357


I am really looking forward to replicating your set-up, Coal. It is my next project agenda! This is a wonderful contribution you have made, and should also serve you well to build your stack consultancy (which is a great idea, that I may avail myself of!)


I Have a few machines but I like Morris’s Idea, just was wondering what Service you use?


Most of us use digitalocean.com.

I suggest others use it to.

*Note, I did add my referral code to that link above, I do that because I am more than happy to help people setup their domain (to a point) for no extra charge and the little benefit from that referral helps us both. You get 10.00 to start with (really, they give you 10.00 free to test the system) and I get a little something too.


Thank you @Coal much appreciated. I am going to get started on that as soon as I can get home this weekend. May ping you for some help if I run in to any.


How close is this to being a turn-key operation? What level savvy would be needed to troubleshoot and maintain it, especially with the rapid-fire build rate the devs are working at?


Sure thing, just send me a message and I can try to help you get it started using my script I use for CentOS 7.

My script takes just running a command to update it every so often after you install it but me and @Adrian are working on something a little more turn key for those who wish to pay extra for that service.


I use Digital Ocean too :slight_smile:


It’s worth noting that digital ocean will only be useful for development. Their bandwidth is too restrictive for production level machines.

But that in mind it seems like a great alternative for dev purposes.