What social functions/events/spaces do we need in high fidelity?



I’m excited by the recent changes at high fidelity and the whitespace it creates for users. My favorite activity so far in High Fidelity was the burning man playa event where a group of us co-created a space for a few days, and I’m looking to find a group to replicate something like that experience. The most interesting thing about High fidelity is the ability for multiple people to creatively collaborate online in real time and I’d like to experiment more with that.

I’m just getting settled into a new routine where I’ll have more time to build stuff in Hifi, and am currently exploring what the most useful (and fun!) thing to build would be.

What ideas for social functions or event spaces do you think we need? Is anyone interested in collaborating with me to build something out?



Hi Dusty,

I like to build so lets find a theme or event. Would Atlantis be something?


I would love to be a part of any collaborative event. Maybe an event with a night-time under the stars kind of theme. Encourage lots of simulated neon, particle effects, models with emissive properties, creative uses of lighting and other stuff that sparkles, wows and glows. Perhaps with a contest for “Best Exhibit”. Winner gets to … well … be the winner and WIN! this --> :trophy: The coveted Trophy Emoji !!! Crank up the Bloom factor.


That’s a great idea!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kinds of spaces could draw people in since the last community meeting. (I taught during the meeting times, but I watched them later.)

Was anyone around in Second Life when Greenies was up? It was a region set in a giant retro kitchen that maybe little aliens had invaded (?) and your avatar was small. There were things to do like a fishing game in the sink and lots of amazingly well-built and clever objects in the installation. There was music, too, and a place to dance. It was a popular destination and I met other like- minded people there. It wasn’t an event as much as a virtual theme park.

A replica wouldn’t be novel, but there must be a new version of the combination of a creative, distinctive, wacky environment that was fun to explore with things for people to do.


Just quickly chiming in and repeating something I posted a few months ago. My favorite space was Welcome from a few years ago. This was essentially The Spot but where everyone had temporary rez permissions. I loved that there was a big, open, hangout space that the experienced builders could rez their creations into, edit in real-time, and just play around using the high-fi build tools. As a newb I would hang out and watch, meet people, and try my hand at basic building. Every hour or so the server would reset and it was always cool to be there when it did, like watching a giant etch-a-sketch get cleared out so another round of ‘play’ could begin. As a place to gather and welcome newcomers, it was terrific. I’d love to see that again.


Hey, I am up helping on a project like this where I can.
I have a few ideas that I want to see happen and be involved in making happen.

One I am working on slowly is the idea of bringing a music festival into hifi.
We have an acoustic rock show in VRcade today at 1pm PDT and I would love to expand on this and do it more frequently.

Also I am a big fan of planetariums and how looking up at the nights sky tends to put things in perspective.
If we could create a planetarium domain/ event and eventually get an Astronomist in, then we could take a closer tour of the stars.

Let’s make things happen :dizzy:


I think we first have to find a domain with rez rights for everybody who wants to contribute. Maybe ask caitlyn/maki to spin up a server?

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And I would be happy to contribute real $$ to support this. Either via a tip jar or something else.

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Community builds were pretty pivotal to the SL experience, at least when I was involved. I used to wrangle big annual events in SL for the Lab: the largest single event was in 2009 when we had 36 regions with 1300 volunteers, artists and builders working on an event that logged:
Unique Visitors: 28,564
Hours spent, 9 day event: 54,972
User hours, Day 2: 7,875
Hours spent Sept, Oct (build weeks): 87,602
Peak Visitors in a day: 6,645
Low visitors in a day: 4,778
Countries represented: 170
Top 5 Countries: US, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan
Visitor Loyalty (time spent): 601 people > 24hrs
2,582 people > 5hrs
10,675 people > 1 hr

That shows you what was possible a decade ago if you can make it easy for people to build stuff ;).


That is awesome and gives me a lot of hope for creating events in here.
Making it easy for people to build things is key here :rofl:.

I do know that there are lots of creative and intelligent people here who can and have made awesome things happen.

Would be good to arrange some meetings in hifi about getting some of these ideas going.

Add me on discord project8vr#7331 if anyone wants to brainstorm and take this further.


Greenies was hilarious!

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Those are impressive numbers. I think there are indeed enough creative People here. What is lacking is leadership and organisational skills to push every one in the same direction. Anybody willing to take up that challenge?

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Those are amazing numbers, Dusty. We have to figure out what the modern version of the ‘prim’ is, now, I think. The SL prims aren’t nowadays good enough looking for people to want to build with them, so you end up wanting to use mesh which isn’t at all easy to build with, right? I regard the prim as one of the great contributions SL made to history. But what is the new prim? Shaders? I’m just not sure.

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The feature with mesh is that it takes you out of High Fidelity.
I think @Judas has been making this point repeatedly. Everything that removes me from HF means I go to Discord or Skype or the phone to continue to communicate while creating.
I, myself, want to stay in touch while I am working on things for HF.
If there were some way to do this while remaining in HF, that would be killer. Neos is on the way, but I want something in HF. It would be hard to rival the output of mesh, but it’s time for someone to think outside the box.

PS: Many pretty intricate and nicely textured things were and are made with prims.


Some thoughts that come to mind:

What about minecraft. Very simple way of building. Still valid today. Logic programming included. Okay you can not build realistic experiences but it does give People a method to build in world. And People are still building today, together, gigantic builds.

I like the way google blocks handles mesh editing in vr but that needs to be improved to have tools that blender has.

Standard material librairies could be helpful for most common materials.

Maybe a collection of base meshes. That can be edited on the vertice level by pushing/pulling. I like blenders proportional editing.

Eventualy librairies like sketchfab or the market place will be used to build worlds. That would mean good interfaces and standardisation of formats


we had minecraft back in the day in here its a bit crap lol
if only there was an open source 3d modeling platform that worked with pbr that somone could merge with hifi
problem is good building tools can never be simple enough to build what u want
the people who go the but second life prims are versatile and u can do anything with them have been using them a decade.
the vr building tools are very good if u have the sculpting ability of michelangelo if not u wave ur arms around and go ooh i made a splodge
so whats good
the real thing is all about the learning curve
if you can use somthing simply and get a result you will be encouraged to try again
then you add to and build on the skills and get good
the lazy will never be good at anything
my dream is to be able to build in blender inside hifi
@Menithal i think kinda has the same dream but hasnt decided to merge the 2 progs completly
yet :smiley:

can you imagine full- blender in hifi people can see what your doing and how your doing it and can learn from watching you. im not talking about screen sharing here
actual blender in here
we can dream


Having realized that I don’t have the time or all the skills to build & maintain a truly awesome domain I have decided against it for now, we don’t need a ton of half baked(insert pun here) domains, we need great ones, we already have that, and we already have a lot of fruitful collaboration but maybe formalizing it a bit more will help those of us that are not always ‘in the loop’ to contribute, and benefit more.

So, let’s start an org/guild/inc/club hmm… Collaborative Creators Club (3C)? I duno, we meetup and:

  • Decide on a name(4 hours).
  • Listen to idea pitches (uhh powerpoint).
  • Lunch.
  • Decide on 1 or 2 to proceed with (by popular vote or fistfight).
  • Figure out hosting and delegate tasks.

I already like all the ideas in this thread and I have about 2573 new ones but it could also be expanding on existing domains.


I like 3C. I will be online tonight 22:00 CET/1:00 PDT (before docsalon) I could offer HyperSpace as a domain to expand and give every 3C member rez permissions? So we could build a larger more interesting domain? Who would be up for that?


What if a shader could extend across multiple prims? Jumbotron style.


THIS! Yes! … No Discord, no Telegram, no Twitch, no this, no that, no the other thing. Thats what High Fidelity needs.