What the hell? two new icons?


I see two new icons at the bottom centre of the screen.
One seems to be a pencil and the other is incomprehensible.

Does anyone have a clue what they are?

(sorry for the unnecessarily extensive subject - it wouldn’t post unless I could make this a 15 character line and punctuation, oddly enough, doesn’t seem to count)


New pointer and grease pencil. @ctrlaltdavid was asking about the ‘new’ pointer script last week during the meetup. This is my best guess. @Judas can be seen demonstrating this in-world via the Random Picture Thread. Go have a look.


Hey guys,
The pencil represents “draw mode” With draw mode activated, you can draw on any surface. This is an experimental feature and I am currently working on modifying the way line entities work to make them more efficient- right now you can only specify two points per line, meaning that if you want to draw curves and other detailed drawings, you need to create a bunch of tiny little lines, that are culled out by the LOD system. OR you have to create fewer, longer lines, meaning you loose accuracy of what you want to express. I’m changing line entity to be able to take an array of up to ~100 points (cannot take many more because each property can only be an MTU, or maximum transmission unit, which is about 1500 bytes.)

The other icon is a laser pointer, which represents the pointer. If it’s deactivated, your pointer will not show up when you point and left click on entities. If it’s deactivated, you cannot draw either. (But you can have a pointer active and not your drawing capabilities.) I’m sorry if the icon wasn’t clear-
Please feel free to peruse https://thenounproject.com/, which has a lot of great choices. If you find one you like better, post it here and I’ll switch it up! If there’s a lot of posts we can vote!



Note that the two new icons overlap the “loading” bar that’s displayed when content is downloading


Thanks for the replies guys! Perhaps they could include a hover-description (like the old windows-style icons used to have?)
This might help newbies to identify icons. (icons by themselves do not always identify things very well)



Laser pointer is fine, but my goodness… the line drawer is really spammy. When I first saw the icon in the Interface, I took a quick look to see what it did and it splattered hundreds of line segments across my entire region out to a (scale) 2km away I would say. They all appeared as separate “Line” items in the objects list. It took me AGES to find and delete them all.