What Version of OpenGL is required?


I have been trying to find a hardware requirements doc or page for HighFidelity and so far have had no luck, does the client use OpenGL or is it WebGL? is there a minimum requirements page anywhere?


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I am pretty sure hifi uses openGL I am not sure which version is currently supported but here is a snip from sam
"We are planning to start support at opengl 4.1 / d3d11 feature level minimum"

@sam is our graphics guy you might try to contact him.
Also connect to the dev chat on gitter there is always tech talk going on there,


Sam said in post on thread; https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/interface-crashing-on-startup-windows/4284/9

We are planning to start support at opengl 4.1 / d3d11 feature level minimum

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That is extremely disapointing that would rule out a lot of hardware and especially a large portion of Second Life users, thanks for the input, I will definitely have to reconsider getting involved for now because of this and just wait and see how things go.


My own opinion, but, it’s been said, time and time again, that this is a platform for the future. I think it’s precisely the point of this to start clean and not try to support the, admittedly still, large population of “lesser” hardware users in the hope the masses will have caught up by the time it moves toward a release version.

Whether or not that’s the kiss of death in a short term view remains to be seen, but, considering the increasing lists of “show stoppers” being seen with increasing volume in other forums… I suspect not supporting those levels of hardware is the least of HiFi’s PR problems.


Yea I don’t disagree, unfortunately PC sales are at an all time low and increasingly getting lower and lower, going with such a high requirement rules out basically every tablet and mobile device on the market as well as smart devices like Smart TVs and new devices like the Intel Compute Stick, unfortunately HiFi is not looking like a killer must have / go buy a 2000$ computer platform to me. I am certainly not giving up on it, but at this point I am not sure I am ready to get involved to deeply, the entry level right now is just way to high all around.


I think its 2 early to panic about the endpoint.I imagine we will go beta in a year .Most of this next gen tek hardware will be generally available by then.The developers seem focused on the task in hand. As i said before if being secondlife is the endpoint then were wasting our time we need hifi to be a mainstream concept.


Mainstream means supporting all or the majority of the available hardware, not just a very small percentage, a lot of people are still running Windows XP, I can pretty much gaurantee that OpenGL 4.1 hardware will not be considered mainstream in a year at the rate PC sales are declining


Well I know for sure that OpenGL 4.1 is not required yet, becuase we have tested it on Hardware that is using OpenGL 3.5 I wonder does anyone know what the time frame is for moving to 4.1?


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maybe I am missing something, but HiFi still seems like it has a million miles to go, my interest level is still at absolute zero.


No, more like half a million miles. My prediction is that HF will be generally usable by January 2017. Generally usable means avatars can be built from Blender directly, that entities and assembly of entities (objects) can be built directly in Blender, that there will be a humanoid standard for the bones and orientations so that animations can be interoperable, that there will be a standard object/entity creation toolset, that there will be objects, a collection of entities treated as a unit, that there will be standards in how avatars attach themselves to other objects (aka sit, clothing, jewelry, Knick-Knacks), that there will be standards in which grabbing or attaching an object does so with a preferred grab offset and orientation, that physics works reliably, that higher abstraction physics standards exist. Things like that, and oh yes, local text chat.