What was Judas Talking About?


@Judas : Congratulations to the winners. In fact, congrats to everyone who got things in at all and congrats to @DrFran who was also brilliant. We need much more of this stuff.

I need help. This is a project I was working on before the Pet contest, and I had no intention of entering it in the contest.
This is a game for folks with HMDs and hand controllers. Based on the Barrel O’Monkeys game, players are asked to make a chain of monsters as long as they can, by hanging them from the pole (pictured). There are many variations on the game that could be played.

What I am asking for is help with the scripted bits. The game works (come to Franny and check it out!). I would like to package it in the can, and have it so that people can “buy” the can from the marketplace, spawn it on their ground, and the pieces will fall out of the can, onto the floor, so that play can begin. I cannot do that, but I do think javascript can.

If anyone is willing to take this on, I will share the links to my Amazon A3 for them to work on it. Thanks. Franny


Hey Dr… is your domain on lock-down today?
Perhaps people have tried coming to you already but were turned away?
Just a thought…


Ack. Maybe. Unfortunately I can’t fix that until later today.