What We Call Realtime Music Test Enjoy


Keep this link for the forms for now please


Thanks for posting this, Michelle.


You guys look great! You sound ok too! I am not noticing any overly disruptive latency…of course, one can always blame poor timing of the musicians for any, right? :wink: Great job! You too, Michelle! Thanks.


Thank you so much Michelle!


This isn’t the same thread where I remember having a conversation about how best to keep diaspora-musicians in-sync to reduce the perceived latency. But it will do.

I saw this today:
[Wearable Metronome Device For Musicians][1]
[1]: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/soundbrenner-pulse-wearable-device-for-musicians

…and I thought it’d be cool if that thing was connected to the NTP-synced common-click-track that all the musicians are trying to play to. It would help each musician anticipate the right amount.

Nutty idea, huh?