What we're looking to do in HiFi, and What makes You feel immersed?


Hey all,

To give an idea of what We want to achieve (we being my team), I thought I might give a little insight, maybe gather some suggestions and ideas as essentially it’s for everyone to enjoy.

In 2013 in SL we created a club (as so many do) but instead of it just being a hangout, we wanted to push the boat out and create a highly immersive environment so you could enjoy the experience of a night out from the comfort of indoors (and without the hefty prices).

‘Culture’ was born, and it was quite a fun adventure with a lot of good feedback and regulars along the way…

https://www.indigofuzz.co.uk/hifi/culture.php <- More info here.

So, opening up the floor a bit to those who enjoy the idea, and are interested in pitching in to the foundations of the future version of the project, what in particular makes you feel immersed in a crowd within Virtual Reality?

Here’s a couple of screenshots (full versions can be seen on link above) from our adventures in SL:




Are you opening a club in HiFi?


We plan to open several venues, Culture will be one of them


Realistic 3D sound field, including distance attenuation, that tracks the avatar’s head.
Realistic (undistorted) visual field, especially at close quarters.
Unclunky avatars.


Cool, I will be opening a Goth/Industrial club.