What would you like to see for future HF Events and Live Entertainment?


Hello, everyone! This is your neighborly friendly Krysania here, tossing in a little bit of an update for you all in regards to the music at @Good-Times. ( @KevinMThomas , @mckmuze )

I decided to start this thread as a way to open communication between us and the community to get feedback from our shows and to also gather intel on what you, the audience, would like to see for events and live entertainment in HF’s near or distant future.

Basically, I’m asking that you all take the time out of your day to dream big and share your passions with us!

Thanks for your time, everyone!




I know we are missing european performers, but quite a few of us whods probably come into listen are from UK, and/or in the Europe, or even from the Pacific.

Ideally we should have events also during european evenings rather than early mornings :slight_smile: But knowing that we are still a small population, thats a thing that is being worked on.



Judas is a good performer.



No he isn’t…



I would like to see my avatar using my guitar. lol I linked back to this thread in a tweet: https://twitter.com/mckmuze/status/819062651561148416

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I would like to marry well and retire.



I don’t know if this fits here but there is one thing I’d really love to have as a community event:

Technical Q&A for Noobs

More and more users like myself who don’t have a backround in 3D modeling or coding are coming into High Fidelity every day and are facing a very steep learning curve (to say the least ;-)) when trying to build something themselves.
These enthusiastic noobs are facing challenges which might even be solved quite easily if they only knew what values to put into which checkboxes or what kind of or tutorials or termini technici to search for on Youtube or Google.
I’ve been so lucky that wonderful community members like Piper, Michelle, Menithal or Judas explained to me patiently (in world or on the forum) what to do concerning certain problem statements, but always I felt that their profound answers might be of interest to more new users than just myself.
So imho it would be great, if there was a regular Q&A session (every two weeks or once a month) where everybody could address their technical questions in order to either get a simple answer, a term to google for, or an evaluation if the challenge can be solved by a “studious amateur” or if it requires more backround knowledge respectively special software.

And please keep up the wonderful performances and play events!
They are really tons of fun and I’m always so happy to be there :heart_eyes:
(btw: as a european night owl I really like the PST afternoon timing :+1:)



@XaosPrincess we are going to start doing in-world teaching sessions this month. Also, I’m going to try to start having my own official time in-world and can take questions then as well.



Oh, this is fantastic!
I’m really looking forward to it :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!



Full band.

Open mic night at good-times is cool and all; but I’d really like the full band experience. I’ve considered sourcing local talent for this and have the audio mixed to one source, but that concept hasn’t panned out.

So yeah, animations, and full band.

-my two cents-




Best we can do til then is to amp up the experience a bit with full production backing tracks or multistreaming and have an avatar on either side of the stage that looks like a speaker so we can have left and right stereo channels like @BrainStormer did at the new year party.

Then some animated avatars (Or people with hand controllers could fill in (Visually) for instruments not actually being played.

Would be nice to have this outside on a nicely designed stage as well. Would increase the user experience until better solutions come about like animations and actual full bands. Though regardless of how it works this would take a significant coordinated effort between a VR production team even if we did have actual animations and real full bands.

The fireworks are already a go for pyrotechnics if it’s outside too! :wink:

I imagine it would be a heck of a unique VR experience if we did coordinate on all this. I’m down to help if anyone else wants to give this a shot.

List of things and roles needed to make this happen:

  • Pyrotechnics and speaker avatar role capable of routing left and right channel audio into the two separate speaker avatars

  • A few different musicians willing/comfortable with multistreaming or produced backing tracks and avatars posing like they are playing the backing track just to test this idea

  • A nice looking outdoor stage with stage lighting and the fireworks attached

  • Stage crew and bouncers, in case the trolls come out to play

One last thing… (dreaming here) a crowd surfing script. :stuck_out_tongue:



If I’m not mistaken, I think can also take advantage of Soundflower which is free to download online that can help you achieve what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

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I personally would like to direct individuals in creating VR live theater performances… so not just music but also performance. I am extremely interested in the idea of virtual theater… and with VR, the experience can be so much more personal.



Also a role playing event (like e.g. a murder mystery in Crompton Moor) would be fantastic :slight_smile:



I would be willing to set something up like that… maybe starting with a virtual board that we can spread out over a large media object?



I’m using voice meeter to route Audio that’s what Brain uses too.

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Well i am a uk performer and i did for some time perform but alas in the end there were no people attending. However if people are interested I would be happy to resume :slight_smile:



I would like to hear you play! Where can I hear your work?



I’m seeing the same not-so-great social patterns here that have happened in other SL-style worlds where the low cost of ‘land’ reduces the people density mightily because everyone has their own vast chunk of land. And that then creates the sense of an empty place.

I recommend that if people want to perform they do so from time to time at Welcome. Pick a place not too far from the landing point and drop in a lounge. That way when the myriad people who do drop in hear the music happening, they will pay visit.

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I think it’s not a problem of seperate piece of land. But the lack of a global inworld notification system. In SL the call it groups. Sadly SL seems to slowly move things to webbased and then you get the same problem.

You cannot be inworld and on web browser at the same time.
And it’s good to send a remninder around inworld , when it start, prefferable also that it get send to the e-mail box.

Calenders and stuff are nice. but not work good.
Also, in secondlife ate least there always events at
the same time and day. And the can conflict with other worlds to.

And last thing, if there are enough people the problem would be not so big. but it’s small right now with not 1000’s of online people.