What would you like to see for future HF Events and Live Entertainment?


I don’t see the early days as a problem personally, I love these moments where there is literally three people listening and I can have a conversation and really connect. It won’t always be that way when there is thousands of people on. Then it won’t be much different than when I play on a real stage and it’s more of a one way conversation with a larger crowd.

This is a time we will miss in several years.


Yes your right. i like to be around small groups to.
Especially with voice. With text chat the group can be bigger.


We can agree that there are different venues ranging from intimate to rave, but at least a couple of performers have been disappointed with turnout.

It is less about early days and a lot more about working with what you have. Social environments work best with more people than fewer gathered together, so if a platform or world has only tens of people it does not do well to dilute them to even lower numbers per event.

So yes, in a world with 50,000 people logged in and places numbering in the 17000s, the average density is decent, around 3. It is easy to gather decent crowds from that average. But take another world with concurrency at 180 and places numbering around a 1000, that density drops to a low of 0.18 people. That’s a problem.

Here in HF, the concurrency numbers are around 25 with 50 massively large places, so 0.5 density. That suggests clustering things in the interim to raise the people density. As the population grows it can support separate venues.

This clustering is why the go-to list is ranked by number of people. It entices people to bunch up. Good though that is, people tend to give weight to things they experience around them, hence why I suggest holding events where they mostly show up - Welcome domain.


That’s why I have been playing ninja gigs lately. I just pop in and if there are people around I just start playing.


I would like to see some a Capella singing from people scattered across the RL lands It is a challenge dealing with and working through 1/10th second delays, but that is so much better than the seconds long delays in other virtual worlds. The one feature that works extremely well in High Fidelity, low latency audio, is ready for trial singing. It might pique the interest of Eric Whitacre, the creator of the virtual choirs. Imagine doing this in real-time.


Yes, busking at Welcome :slight_smile:


Electronica, Dance, House, DnB, Techno, SOME ENERGY and FUN…this is what I want to see.

And please specify so on the event calendar because the artist’s name doesn’t tell one a lot really.


Agreed, we should have a genre next to the calendar event. I am thinking of a good time to host an in world meetup to discuss entertainment and get feedback from the community.


I would love to see more gameshow type of experiences where the whole audience could be involved. I really loved today’s bingo where if you won you got to choose a door which revealed your prize. Loving the surprise element of that.


Wow this thread was from 2017, oops :slight_smile:


OMG this would be great!!