What would you like to see in the HighFidelity documents?


I have been pondering how to make things easier for everyone to enjoy the documents under http://docs.highfidelity.com and I even asked some of you guys at the end of the meeting.

I will post some of what I heard as suggestions and if you have any others feel free to put them up so we can make it easier for you!

  • Make them easier to navigate.
    • For this one I propose going through the documents that are not laid out with an index and making it easier to find the sections you are specifically looking for in each core document.
  • Make documents geared more for newer users.
  • I can agree there are a lot of broad documents on the list and some do not cover things as I would call “through the newbies eyes.”
  • I will discuss with my fellow document admins and see if we can come up with something to help at the very beginning from I just installed this ‘Interface’ app, what now sort of documents that are short, sweet and easy to navigate to find your specific answers in broad form.

Most of all I want to hear from you guys, is there something you looked for on the documents specifically and felt it was done right, done wrong?

How can we make it better for NEW and OLD Alphas because you guys help shape up everything done!


It’s open door, but i still like how the Secondlife LSL wiki is done.


One important thing in my opinion would be to move away from what I call ‘programmer docs’ which follow the concept that ‘I declare it once somewhere and it is known everywhere’. I can’t count the number of times I have gone looking for something that I saw in some illogical place that I cannot find again.

Also, start creating actual tutorials that start from a well defined starting point and move step by step with all the steps included to some useful ending point. My experience is that there are no docs available that are self contained. It is always necessary to search all over for clarifying information.

…and create some sort of a list or roadmap about where to find information/tutorials/examples for all the important pieces.

Maybe 3 cents worth!


This is a great corner of the universe to find, @Coal. Thanks for starting and alerting me to this thread.


Provide detailed manifests of required dependencies. At their most general, these should not be platform-specific; but over time these should eventually articulate everything required to build the system(s) up from scratch on every supported platform.

For linux, especially, this is daunting; but it isn’t impossible, and will be necessary to avoid a world of unending chaos.

Case in point: lack of direct webkit support in Qt5. At least parts of webkit are external to Qt as of version 5. This causes all manner of trouble at build time, which does not end well. (OpenSuse 13.1).

This problem may not be present at all on OpenSuse 13.2.


@Jack.Flash I think there is info for OpenSuSE on the forums but if not I can update the writeup I did for it a while back and test it.

I do understand your point for overall requirements and we can work on that.


Minimum system/graphics reqirements including clarification on system-support for hardware peripherals.


@SterlingWright - For Interface, it is still up in the air being tweaked for the Intel HD 3000+ GPUs, ATIs work basically from what I am told but the highest performing I find is Nvidia chips. For minimum ram, I would say at least 4 gigs total in the system but more is always better.

For supported peripherals in HiFi we have things like
Oculus DK2
Etc… (you mean these things?)

For domain-server/assignment-client you can get away with 512 to 1gb ram on linux, probably 2 or so minimum on windows.


Thanks, Coal.

yes, those are the peripherals I meant. I haven’t acquired them yet, but intend to, one by one, beginning shortly. I think my system should be able to support them all, but it would be nice to know for certain before making the investment.


Feel free to message me directly if you have any specific questions on what is or is not supported and I can help you out with that.

High Fidelity is also working on a version of face shift for us but its still in negotiations.


Yes, I was wondering about this Faceshift bit since that is the first added functionality I will likely acquire. I heard there are plans to enable FaceShift for web cams, and I am wondering how far out that is projected to be and whether realization is close enough to wait for rather than purchasing a dedicated 3D camera?

On the same topic, the camera that Faceshift is offering as a bundle with the software is supposed to mimic the PrimeSense Carmine, which I understand is currently not for sale (since Apple acquired the company). Is this stand-in offered by FS supported by HiFi? I read in the documentation that HiFi only supports two cameras, of which Carmine is one.



If it works for Face Shift, it works for High Fidelity. This happens because all FS does is network transmit your facial movements from Face Shift over the network to the High Fidelity.


Got it. Cool. Thank you! :slight_smile: <-- soon to be shifting smiley!


@coal found that workflow you and @mircea.kitsune worked out for opensuse 13.2 x64, but unfortunately I’m on 13.1. I really don’t expect you to tell me how to make it work, as I think 13.1 is probably not supportable; though some assistance with certifying 13.1 as not usable/supportable might be good.

Sometimes, knowing something wont work can be as important as knowing that it will :wink:


A full write-up of the JavaScript Engine API would be great :slight_smile:


A good Mesh Uploading Documentation would be cool :slight_smile: i try and try but it not really works for me :frowning:


@AngusVapor I do understand. Right now I can tell you that its best to go to Tools > Package Model then pick the FBX then choose Entity from the drop down. It allows you to get the fst file that points hifi where and how to handle things.

Otherwise there already is at: http://docs.highfidelity.com/v1.0/docs/uploading-and-editing-in-high-fidelity for the other way


You know what, I heard basically people want a place to post and share info, edit it as needed and well, that is a wiki!

If anyone in the community wants to edit, add to or just work on stuff, I present you with http://hifi.wiki - enjoy!


I have nothing found to animations in the doc.


Which type of FBX file HyFy uses