What's a good 1080TI card?


I just did read that the 2080 have less cuda cores.
So, that does not look good for a high framerate and software anyway not support new functionality. seems to have problems to with raytracing and framerate with soem games.
Need to see specs and tests first of the 2080

At the other side 1080TI is good, and cheaper !
So in case the 2080 is a fail.

But what’s a good 2080Ti. The EVGA seems good. But never used that brand. As example this card sounds interesting.

“EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING grafische card”


Usually the Brand really isnt much to weight with; the main chip is still always gonna be Nvidia’s: Brand just comes in with their unique fans and additional factory made modifications to the card, so its usually just a plus, but sometimes they may be cheaper than competators. Never really paid attention to brands my self.

EVGA is a known brand, and they have alot of gaming related hardware, from power supply, motherboards, cases to cooling, and as well aftermarket software (such as the overclocking EVGA Precision).


this 2080 card sounds cool but till i see a vid of it running hifi im not even thinking about it


You really hit the nail on the head.
Still wait a few weeks, curious about specs.
But pretty sure it’s going to be a 1080TI.

You can almost buy 2x 1080TI for the same price as 2080TI


I have 2080TI on preorder. will see. I will return it if it is unsatisfactory. Otherwise my old card is going on sale Because I can still sell it for 500-600 even used.


Ok. when you get it ? :grin:

600usd soudns very high. a new card costs between 740 and 900 euro here.


Here it’s around 800-900 due to tax :slight_smile: + it’s a founder edition so great for oc / guarantee lifespan

In anycase need to wait till September 20th


I have from Palit my 1060 6 GB, while you can t hear then.


I have used Gigabyte video cards and motherboards for a many years and have never had an issue with any other their products - highly recommended.



@Menithal The rtx2080ti keeps interesting. So i can’t wait until you have it. I do not think you have elite dangerous horizons to test it with ?

Oh, is the card you get 2 or 3 slot’s width ?


Is your rtx2080ti already arrived. The seems to get slowly available in some stores now.


No. Still waiting. And getting impatient.