What's a good chat system right now?


Yes, i do not dump voice it ok to use at times… but using it always is not good for more reasons.

So i still need a chat system, but you get already one problem. wich one ?
Because there are more and you not know wich one is in use.

The one from @AlphaVersionD looks good, and run server side. not a really annoying thing on your screen when it’s hidden. Problem, it’s not available for other places :scream:

Then we have @ctrlaltdavid chat script, i think it’s updated so i need to look at it again. But that one is running client side. and not sure if it’s better nbow when minimized.

Anyway my prefferable use would be something like max. 30% voice and 70% chat. chat is so much more relaxed and less stressfull. Voice can have that if you use it to much.