What's happening at surviver - call for testers!


Opening up as a guided experience where I will walk groups through and provide some context and commentary. Think of it like as kind of a ‘DM’ dungeon master (from dungeons and dragons) concept VR game.

Premise is that in the future, there is a new branch of science called ‘chrono-archeology’ where scientists can time travel to different locations and time periods. The incident that starts the game is that the timelines have been corrupted and everything is converging on this wasteland planet. Goal is to follow a group of lost scientists while surviving the environment / each other.

I’m at the point of a solid proof of concept for some of the game mechanics and am starting to lay in some challenge and story elements. I could really benefit from some help with testing, narrative ideas, anything… What’s in it for you? Beyond a bit of silly fun blowing stuff up… Happy to share Hifi building tips, blender techniques, scripting demos on the game mechanics etc anytime.

Please drop me a line here if you are interested in giving the experience a try, or visit in world if I’m around I can give you the main script link.




I‘m super interested & would love to take part in all of your described ways :purple_heart::sunglasses:
Usually anytime between 2pm & 7pm PST would be good for me (except for Thursday‘s Community Meeting 2-3pm PST).


Yes, sounds interesting. I’d be happy to give it a shot and offer feedback


What you’ve described reminds me a lot of the plot of the SNES game Chrono Trigger. Not in a bad way, mind you! I’m a content creator and would love to give input, although am only available limited hours during the week.


Thanks for the interest! I am planning on being online tomorrow afternoon / evening, how would 4pm PST work? (7pm Eastern Standard for me).

I’ve never played Chrono trigger but to be honest, I totally realize the premise is verging on cliché…which isn’t a bad thing either. I’m taking some inspiration from Varley’s Millennium, Time Bandits plenty of others…


that’s about 8am for me, that should be doable.


That’s actually while I’m at work in The Spot, but if you drop by The Spot briefly before/after that time, and I’m not actively helping new users, I’m more than happy to chat with you :slight_smile:


Absolutely down for this! I’m free Saturday, Sunday and Monday of this week. I’ll try to find you in-world, or ping me if you are organizing another walk through.


I’m inworld now if anyone wants to check it out.


I’m trying to get there but 79 keeps crashing for me and 78.1 I cant see the spot or Surviver.


Thanks folks, got some great feedback and of course lots of bugs to squash. I will post here again for next time.


I loved the experience :purple_heart: :gun: :sunglasses:
Thank YOU so much!!


I’m so interested too…I hope we can meet in-world or perhaps you call for a meeting and tell us when and where.


Planning for a round Sunday Afternoon/Evening, how’s folks availability? Next week will be focusing on the avatar contest, but we have big plans for building out the surviver experience starting in two weeks.



Sunday after 5pm PST works for me


Sunday afternoon is good for me, I’ll be in-world hanging out around 1pm EST and will ping you!


That’s Monday morning for me, that will work. See you then.


Hello whyroc

Are you using an rp system like D20 modern/future or designing a new rp system from scratch?


No, the backend system is a simple JSON format now where I can add different attributes as needed. For now. I’m tracking health, money, deaths and a couple other points. The goal is to Mimic the D&D technique of having the DM lead the group through, but the gameplay will be real time, not turn based etc. The RPG elements are secondary to the social gameplay and narrative in the current vision.

Right now we are testing things like health and money pickups, physics collisions damage… all created using a combination of entity and interface scripts.

In a couple week will be building out a linear PVE scenario where players will need to jump over, shoot at, avoid turrets etc… think 3d platformer in VR. Plan is to work on the story elements as we go with input from players etc…


I’m in world now, off and on over the next few hours (working in Blender on avatars as I guess everyone must be doing, seem quiet this evening…)