What's happening at surviver - call for testers!


Now that the amazing avatar contest is in the books, shifting focus back to the scripting/gameplay at surviver.

What’s new?

  • better authentication - now uses anonymous cookie-like auth, only the display name is captured for persistent tracking
  • added time parameter for pickup re-spawning
  • new cave area

What’s next:

  • create models for ‘turrets’, update the turret scripts to track and aim at avatars
  • game/level design … place platforms/rocks objects, pickups etc for gameplay
  • create vegetation and other props

I am usually in-world on and off Thursdays and Fridays, and will continue to update this thread with new developments and walk-through times.

If anyone is interested in helping with the build, it would speed things up greatly :slight_smile:
immediate help with:

  • placing environment items, pickups and testing for jump distance. HMD teleport etc.
  • script debugging (happy provide all my sources for interested developers)

As always, ping or IM for questions…