What's the concept of private sim/subgrid in HF?


Suppose one wants to set up a world dedicated to something, say a game or a cultural project. In Second Life, we can buy private sims. In OpenSim, we can set up servers and link them to a hypergrid (easier said than done). How will it work in HF? I guess we will be able to set up HF servers and optionally use some of the services provided by High Fidelity, e.g. authentication and cryptocurrency transactions. Correct?


yep that’s the direction. You will setup own HF server as needed and the global HF services like names and identity will be options.


Thanks. How are you guys going to make money? I guess by selling access to the global HF services, correct? If so, any preliminary idea of the fee structure? I am thinking of an ambitious project and some info would be useful.