Whats the deal with domain names?


ok so i am making a name and i would like to know what the limitations are. i head a friend of mine made one with a curse word and he was asked to take it down. im curious what words are not allowed to be listed. can any one from hifi please inform me what is not allowed?
my domain is adult but i would still like to know before i have any issues with the name.



As I understand it, theoretically you can have any name you like , however untill they have the tek that seperates out adult from none adult place names working, they all appear in the general search
the problem with that is it would get hifi kicked off steam, so untill its fixed no rude names
but eventually rude names will be compulsary


The pleasure is in the subtlety by the way :wink:

(Not sure if this is english… if not just ignore.)


would the word sex be out of the question? :zipper_mouth_face:


I think, unless they’ve changed the rules… it has to be more than 3 characters.


Well you could buy us dinner first :stuck_out_tongue:


Well you could always just get an actually naughty DNS domain name from a service provider, and then point to where your domain server is being hosted.

Only down side would be that the Paths, and ICE wouldn’t work, so youd have to have the ports on the server configured properly. It also wouldn’t be discoverable via search.

But as @Judas pointed out, due to us being on steam that may have some difficulty to get achieved publicly.

Ofcourse that doesnt stop anyone from making their own “google of hifi”, and point it to get the domain information elsewhere.


Alternative naming schemes perhaps? :rabbit:


what about domain content. lets say my place is adult and has a name that is suitable for the goto list. am i allowed to have adult content in there??


According to Hifi it’s your domain and you can do whatever you like on it.
But legally you will be responsible for exposing minors to your content unless you have some kind of age verification system in place.



oh awesome. then maybe i can put up a vendor that says click if you are over 18?


Simplest way probably is to force new everyone to go through a room faar somewhere above or below the domain with warning that is consider “PG” Pressing a button says that you agree teleport to the adult area of the domain. Everyone in the zone would have their avatar defaulted or restricted until they are out of zone.

Assignment client should keep track who has and who has not agreed to terms. Force a script to run for client, with any camera wondering outside the room forced to have an overlay and client only entity ontop blocking the view. (And with clause of circumventing it means you agree to being an adult)

If they have not pressed the I agree button they are always teleported to that room if they try to go to specific coordinates regardless if they try any area of the domain.


minors not miners :smile:


If you don’t want to end up being led away in cuffs someday or dragged before a civil court, and I’m not kidding as this stuff can get nasty in a hurry… you need to carefully review law that applies to you and any reciprocal law that would apply to visitors not from your country of legal responsibility. For example, if like me, USA, then there are specific requirements you have to adhere to if you don’t want problems down the road. As I saw firsthand in another SL compatible grid, there are plenty of – for lack of a better term – anti-adult activity people who will cheerfully make your life a living hell given the chance, up to setting you up.

In SL this is made easier to avoid where you have a layer of their, next to nothing that they may be, adult verification. Here it all belongs to you.

A problem to face is if you have adult content in a domain, even if it’s 10, 20 or even 32.768KM away from your “checkpoint” you are not clear as content will download for entire domain if they linger a bit and find something “fun” in their cache, or, then they lie, Mommy or Daddy catches them and… welcome to hell with none but yourself to deal with it.


The only solution I see to that is more or less an addition to Menithal’s idea, in that we would need some way to ‘authorize’ object information to a user only after proving they are an adult. This would require the entity server to be controlled based on a parameter, such that it will not give away information until the user has a value set to them.

With this in mind, one could also simply have a server host two domains: one domain being the entryway, the second being the actual facility, where upon entering the entryway domain, the user gets a flag only after validation. This can then be sent internally to the other domain, validating the connection approval. You could also have it NOT run the avatar mixer or audio-mixer as well so that users cannot hear/see each other.

Otherwise, the first idea would work.


Yep, alternative domain behaving as a saferoom would also be neccessary. Although, Highfidelity Inc could them selves provide this info for us domain holders. (Maturity level of user, no other info).

Although that will still not stops a kid from lying. Like me going to the SL grid for the first time when they dropped the credit card requirement in 06 as a teen. :smiley:

But even credit card authentication will stop a (desperate) horny below-age teen from going in to places they shouldnt be in.


Also, you can’t have domain names that hifi wants to keep for themselves. I bought a bunch of domains on the first day domains were available and they took 2 of them back from me. Nothing to stop them from taking away your domains any time they want. Also, if I am not mistaken I saw something saying they would take them away if you broke some sort of rules. What rules? No idea. I guess they could just make up new rules at any time.

If it turns into a situation where you have Linden cops telling you what you can’t do all the time it wouldn’t be too hard to set up your own alternate network with its own domains. I can totally see this happening for adult areas where you have to register and prove your age for the entire network (maybe with its very own cryptocurrency as well). That’s the beauty (and curse) of open source.


i mean whats the point of the 18+ rating if you cant do anything with it.
i was asking around and i was told that the idea to have any adult content in a domain has never come it in years. i find that hard to believe.
the only reason i brought it up cause i noticed all domains are child proof. there is no mature areas. so i was going to do it as a kinda joke but it seems it turned into a huge thing.
i like high fidelity alot. for me its becoming me vr sl. and i dont want to be asked to leave. i just want to know for sure what are the do’s and do nots. i noticed there is a adult rating so i changed my domain to this. then i was told i can do what ever i want to do in my domain. but i would have to have some kinda warning if under age people come in (which is rare but does happen). im working on that now.
i just dont want to get into a issue with HF. but i do want to make a stand for mature content ask well. thats kinda why i made this post cause i wanted to see what the official stand with HF team is on all this.


Considering there IS an ADULT flag in the domain settings. Why else would it be a setting, as you said.

IIRC: Their stance, as repeated from a meeting long ago back when @chris was the CM, and again discussed offhand in a meeting about the marketplace and adult ratings last year when @caitlyn was starting, is that we can put what we want as long as it is within the laws of where ever the service is hosted at. You are also responsible for the content in it.

After all, if you host it your self, its your server, your rules, as long as those match where ever it is hosted at. If you want a final confirmation ask @Caitlyn in the next meeting, or even @philip if he pops up.

They are after all available for such questions, and their word is official, unlike any Greeter out there, who usually have to ask either one of the above, or the Lead @Jazmin

However, you have to remember that it will limit the visibility of the placename via High Fidelity’s own as they are the ones doing the pointing. Placenames are public, and the names and descriptions should stay PG, as everyone is able to see it.

That means Gambling is a go, and so is adult content, as long as it is allowed within the Domain, and where ever the domain is hosted at. But you are responsible for that content.

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