Whats the deal with skyboxes...?!


Sometimes they work… sometimes they don’t… but we can all agree that they are one of the most FUNDAMENTALLY IMPORTANT aspects to setting a “scene”

So, what’s the deal? I’ve sat quiet about this for FAR too long. I spent sometimes days creating a custom shader, and I’ve even gone to the trouble of completely moving my domain over to a new machine (successfully and without issue I might add - * tips his hat to @b *) So why is this fragment shader a 'sometimes she works sometimes she don’t ’ situation???

It’s been this way for easily 3 months or longer. It’s time for me to stand up. I’ve been known to sit quiet and patient on stuff while you guys pull it together, so maybe you are just unaware…

Take note.



The gist:

fig 1: proper skybox via fragment shader data… see the difference pretty huh?

When you fail to assign a picture or image to the Skybox URL the system neglects to pick up the fragment shader data.

That should give you guys a head-start.

please and thank you!


There currently also a bug with skyboxes too where if you have a skybox without a set image, it will override the sandbox ontop. Its currently killing my hookguns due toi .t