What's the story with the webcam?


This new release turns the webcam light on randomly on my mac, the one indicating it is being used. The AvatarIsland answer was to disable face tracking, but the light still flashes randomly (but honestly, it’s doesn’t feel random). Am I being filmed by High Fidelity whilst laying around in the nude?!

Is there a terms of service line I forgot to read? If there isn’t that’s a California Penal Code violation and we could class action for some dollars!!! Do I tell everyone I suggest Hifi to that they should put tape over the webcam first?

“By using this software you agree to be filmed at our discretion for our own purposes, please keep on your clothes (but not really).”


I think I heard in the meeting, that is a known bug due to some of the older facial mapping software features that got accidentally uncommented… fixed with next release


Ya that’s the AvatarIsland Face Tracking answer I was talking about.

I dunno man, kinda creepy. That’s the one light you don’t want lighting up…


It activates every time you place a web element, I know that much…