What's with the myriad short disconnects?


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I am more concerned about the reason behind why dialtone.js is sounding hello/ goodbyes. Until recently (about two releases of interface ago), I could have a fairly solid connection to my domain or other domains. Now I get brief 1-second disconnection every 30-40 seconds. It is impossible to do any meaningful editing with that happening since a disconnect turns off editing mode. My domain is on a server 20 feet near me on Ethernet.


This seems to have started a few days ago when the dialtone.js script was added. As far as I can tell, it is caused or shows up with audio problems. When the disconnect happens, that persons audio becomes disconnected from the domain… If you hear it. .your audio is not getting through.

I’ve had it happen to me on my domain where other people there didn’t notice, and I’ve been on other domains where they heard the disconnect and all I heard was their voice cutting out.


If it was just audio, I’d be somewhat annoyed (and yes, I looked at the script which listens to audio disconnect events). But the real problem is a brief but total disconnection to the domain, majorly annoying.

Anyway this is just FYI - onward to next bug :smile:


Maybe this is my problem also, i get plunged into darkness to appear to remain connected …