Whats with the overlay menus?


Every time I duplicate an entity (using Alt/drag) I get an annoying overlay with the menu options.
It gets in the way and has no place in my view while I am duplicating entities.

If the alt/shift combination is already being used for duplication then lets not use the same combination for something totally unrelated.
I am not running any other scripts other than edit and users.
As usual nobody has said if this is a bug or intentional so I just throw it out there. Its one or the other, either way its got to go.


I think this probably explains what’s going on there:


And I’m with you, I think using Alt itself as a means of popping up a control panel thingy is a bad idea.


Thanks Nathan, I didnt read that thread, but figured it was a HMD thing.
Why on earth it was left open and not confined to HMD is beyond me. I mean there is a switch for just such cases.

I just put it down to an alpha temp thing.