Whats wrong with me..lol


Problem with Mac…i have load from Blender as fbx and look what with me is…lol


lol. too much sports? giggles :slight_smile:


lol, das könnte es sein…grgrg


auw that hurts :smile:


Extreme yoga :laughing:


Looks like you got a virtual virus :slight_smile:


Ouch! Might want to see a Dr. about that. :smile:


Yes, this is funny:) I have this have,as i load this Avatare from Blender with new Skin etc. I have not idea why this is?!


Ok, ok, in all seriousness can someone with a Mac and Blender help our new Alpha? I think @summer4me… is using a Mac? Can you assist HillieDyrssen?


Thank you Kapitän…with Windows is the Problem. I have this step by step make from Judas Video, but than this trouble.


:smiley: well my results of today look in the same way. My skinning also hasn’t worked and no clue why.


Oh, ok, than must we wait, thank you for your repley


See this thread for why you get all folded up.


Well… I think it is deeper. When making a modified mesh and applying the parent armature, it imports fine… that is until I apply walk.js Then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! :smiley:


Here is the model in HF and in Blender before applying walk.js

A work in progress yes, BUT it DOES import as expected.


Hi @Captain_Oculus you may want to look at walk.js and see if you have similar joint names. Chances are that the joint configurations are way out.


Is this possible if the bones and rig were from the Kate.fst? I simply re-used the same model from Judas tutorial video.


It is deeper as in the thread I made and pointed to by @Ron.Khondji (see On Animations, and my second post on the thread as well on repeating folding avatars in blender. ) : As far as I have suspicion in the thread it seems like the fault lies in the FBXReader component within the HF Renderer.

the walk.js works with an assumption of affect the same joints as the Standard animations which work with the marketplace avatars try running the example animation @chris provided earlier in one of his posts of mixamon avatars:

However as soon as you try to apply the procedural animation or a standard animation built on to a Maya (or pure mixamo) rig, it will fold the avatar done in blender. Animations done in blender will fold marketplace avatars. To truly solve this, the solution should be applied within the FBXReader instead of the script.


I read your linked post. It was extremely informative; thank you. This brings up an interesting related question I have: When PrioVR becomes available will improper positioning of the bones be relevant? To relate this to a similar solved issue, my ‘best guess’ is there will be a calibration button or key similar to using the Oculus Rift to effectively ‘recenter’ the render to match the Rift. I was a member of the pre-order / post-kickstarter and while I wait for my PrioVR, I was planning to create a plugin of sorts, to function with HF.

I noticed that the music video “Easy” that has circulated, was created in tandem with ‘pre-recorded animations using the PrioVR’ so that got me thinking, well, why not support it in real-time?



Should have installed protection…