When are people online?


Hi, I’m new and trying to get my feet wet. I couldn’t find a single person in any of the domains. What is a good time to meet people and where? Thanks!


There are meetups sometimes, usually on fridays.


Hi @LucasGlass welcome to Hifi.

It seems like quite a few of the active users are European so the active times are 8 - 12 hrs earlier than you would expect if you lived in the States. But of course there are US users too.

Find people from the online users list at the bottom left of your screen, click the user’s name and you will be teleported to that person, it might take a minute before you see the avatar.

Make sure you have your mic and headset working because that is the primary method of communicating. If you have no voice or no hearing then you need to explore the text chat options. (search the forums, new and better ones being developed all the time.)

The fact is you wont see much more than a few users online at a time, and I generally see anything from none to half a dozen (I am in Australia).

Watch for the weekly meetup in announcements on the forum, usually about Friday 2pm PSD and there can be a couple of dozen people on and all at the sandbox for the meetup.


As a reference point here is a heatmap of October’s temporal hot zones – each square represents one hour UTC and the maximum visible users seen. It’s probably not very accurate (only includes publicly visible users and infrequent sampling leads to there being holes in the data), but it does seem to indicate a few natural gathering windows to consider.

EDIT: here is one for combined September + October 2015 and adjusted to PDT time zone:


Cool graphic. Interesting to note time of day. I would have thought it would be more spread out. I am tempted to make one showing domain/place name… but


I would like to set up a giant screen like this in my domain, with a throne so I can sit and watch it while I stroke my white cat and laugh like a super villain.


Ahh your true identity reveals itself, you are Blofeld, I was wondering why you wanted to register the domain name SPECTRE.



Ha! The data is also pretty interesting to walk around in 3D – even these heatmap roll-ups are essentially X/Y/Z data (with Z determining color) so could easily be voxelized. You know, into a super-villain-sized holographic 3D report or something.


Like in “Hackers”

Because everybody knows this is what hacking looks like with a Mac laptop on a payphone.