When do we get a larger font / custom DPI?


Doing soemthing with scripting. And yes i use the magnifier.
But edit as example userdata is terrible with or without magnifier.
That font is so extreme tiny. that you get a headace from it.
Combined with pastel soft colors instead of hard contrast. it’s frustrating.

I noticed that i can set interface in high dpi mode. but then it’s going into the dpi from windows. and that is with interface just a bit to high. and things like tablet not fit good on the screen. But ohh… that makes high fidelity much nicer to work with if the font is large.

Custom dpi or font. many font’s are default to small.

Also, why are so many fonts in high fidelity blurry and fuzzy. instead of crisp sharp ?

The menu font is perfect. Other fonts have some blur that makes it also harder to read with the choicen color.


your last 300 posts have all been make the font bigger o.o just sayin


Yes… maybe you should see to adjust the resolution of your screen. that would fix your font issue, that would make the page of the tablet enough wide, and that will certainly fix also the redundancy issue.


your last 300 posts have all been make the font bigger o.o just sayin

Not so! He had one post complaining the font was too big! :wink:


But then i do not see the world anymore because the ow resolution and everything get blurry. Also lot’s of websites go wonky and and. no lower resolution not option. Also i think the tablet is to big to fit on the screen. This already happens if you force high fidelity in High DPI use.

It looks like this.

Nice readable buttons etc. but…

With this setting. Just a bit to big. i need something between it.