When do we get terrain / water


Just curious.

When do we get terrain and water. A terrain we can shape. Mesh is not option for it. My last trail failed with collision shape, and it’s never as good as edit the terrain inworld around your work, and blend the textures. I think the texture resolution / options is limiting at this moment the use of it most.

-The Voxels we current have is to basic and only useable for 5minute playing.

-Some of the problems with current terrain voxel.

-Textures missing at some sides after placing a new terrain voxel base.

-No undo, it’s pretty important with editting terrain.

-Need to find a solution that when you edit aterrain and you forgot to disable edit, that the terrain is not moving because you click on it.

-Texture blending is not really working, unless it’s a vase texture we can later repaint over the whole voxel terrain with a brush. Unknown.

-Resize voxel terrain is not changig collision shape,

Rescale terrain voxel is not keeping the same texture resolution. so a blurry texture (close view) get only more blurry.

-Making terrain with this voxel size is goin to take ages. i guiess we get at some point a default terrain ?

Anyway, it’s looks already improved comparted to last time i tried it ! :smile:


Probably better to ask when editable deformable mesh will happen. That would be quite nice although it requires computing the physics shape too, which then goes down the rabbit hole of where does the system store the new collision shape file. Or, does it attempt to do a PUT (that’s a scary thought).