When will the platform support for microsoft mixed reality devices, or does it today?


Hi there,

I tried to find the answer, but couldn’t…can anyone assist?

I have a Lenovo explorer running on Windows 10…



I have a Dell HMD, and it works fine. The thumbsticks won’t work, but otherwise everything works.


Hi Marcus,

Good news! Thank you for taking the time! what are the thumbsticks used for? (haven’t tried it yet)…is it for moving around? is there an alternative?

Thanks again!


Sorry I haven’t responded sooner… busy with a symposium this weekend!

The thumbstick, by default, currently do nothing. You can enable them by manually editing a configuration file for the Mixed Reality portal. This is an experimental feature, and it is either on for all your SteamVR apps or off. So results will be mixed depending on what application you use the thumsticks with.

As for High Fidelity, they do allow you to move and steer your avatar in VR. The only problem is that when you move, your head moves and drags your body along with it. This (probably) won’t bother you, but be aware that other users will see your avatar doing that.

If you want more info on the experimental thumbstick feature, see this link:


I installed and started exploring :slight_smile: Thanks again!