When you feel lost


I don’t get the server run again (related to: (Basic Outline Only) How to compile HiFi in Ubuntu 14.04 Again). That’s very frustrating.

It seems, there is no development to make it easy for an ‘average user’ to install and update a linux vServer, and I don’t want run only the sandbox on my desktop PC.

Maybe it is just the wrong time for users like me, and the future brings an always updated installation file, everyone can upload and run on the server. But for now I think, I will stop my experience with HF at this point.



It is not easy yet setting up Linux builds. Peculiar that since the preponderance of hosting services are Linux VPS providers.

The WIndows build is straightforward to install onto Windows servers, so hosting companies that provide WinServ VPS would work nicely. You could, for now, run your domain on a spare WIndowsPC. I use a laptop, draws less than 20W, lid closed, works great.