Where are Problems really looked at


The forums seem to be a place where people discuss problems, issues and repeatedly bring up unsolved problems and issues. It seems quite a number of these problems are not attended to, or, if prioritized low, there is no feedback. Consequently, some posts get shunted into obscure threads or removed altogether.

So, where is the official problem/bug reporting mechanism for High Fidelity? If there is one, is it open to everyone? If not open for submissions, is it open to view?

Where is the list of extant problems and estimates of problem resolution time maintained so that we can see the status of these things?

I think having this visibility would significantly reduce our need to constantly ask what’s going on.

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Not just that but the same issue is at Github and in Fogbugz.
I tend to report all the issues on both for visibility as well.


SO the same problems? No priority, no estimates, etc?


Aside from fatal issues that are posted, barely any feedback.