WHERE ARE WE? Where are our Places in relation to everyone else's?



Max Huet, KevinThomas and I were just chatting, and we discovered there is a fundamental part of the underlying HiFi architecture that we do not understand. Perhaps someone can clarify?

Currently, there are 40 or so hosted places available in HiFi. But, where do they all lie in relation to one another?

How much “space” is there between, say, Polyworld and Music? Infinite space? An indeterminate amount of space? Or, this is a moot question because there is no concept of relational space between domains yet?

Next, how do we put our domains next to one-another so that we can begin to build a contiguous landscape? Can we even?

Also, why are we not building from “the center” out already? The center maybe being HQ, or one of the places that has been around since the beginning, or some other totem or flag planted to designate the alpha “center of the universe?”

Additionally, the space afforded by a server is VAST–I mean, really really HUMONGOUS! It is very likely that every single one of us is not going to find a way to fill our very own 10km square domain. Therefore, most of the space is likely to remain empty unless we just share our servers with others. But, if we do that, everyone will not be able to have her own place name, or?
----> edit, actually, I think this was answered a couple of weeks ago; one can have their own Place Name sitting in someone else’s domain by simply “pointing” the Place Name to specific coordinates inside that domain, correct?

Extrapolating from that: is it possible to define the size of one’s domain so that, for example, Kevin’s @Music is only the size of his music hall, and @thoys Cafe domain can sit right outside Kevin’s door at whatever size Thoys’ wants it to be?

I love the idea Philip mentioned a couple of weeks ago about lighting the skies over each domain so that one can see them in the distance. But, to do that, we first have to be next to each other, and we also may not want to walk 10km to get to our neighbor!

Can someone please explain how this underlying architecture works?


@KevinMThomas, @max_huet, please weigh in with additional clarification of this question, if needed.


I can answer a few of your questions.

Some time ago we were able to see the “Region” on the metaverse website, a region is a cube of several thousand domains, each domain sits exactly next to another domain, and on top and below, so each domain is surrounded by other domains, if you reached the edge of your domain you would enter the next domain. but this view has been removed from the website and I dont know if its still the way things are.

There was talk about variable sizes of domains but I dont know whats happening there.

You can apply a place name to a spot on a domain, for example you could apply one of your place names to your plot on Homestead Earth, in fact I believe the way things are set up you dont even need the owners permission to point a place name to a spot in someones domain. (which is open to exploitation)


So, am I understanding correctly that every time a new place comes online it is automatically “stacked” next to another, existing and cataloged domain? Are we already sitting on each other and just don’t know it?


Not really, you are place in a random spot in the region, you could be far away from the nearest domain, or right next to one.

When we had metaverse view we were able to move our domains around, and I dragged a lot of my australian domains together (at the bottom of the region lol) but those names are all gone and replaced by domain IDs, but it is true you are right next to a lot of other domains.


Sorry, one more…is it correct that a domain does not exist–in any spatial way–until it is named and hosted by someone? OR are there unclaimed, un-named domains right next to me?


I would like to see where things sit in relation to one another. They should bring back that view.


Yes there are unclaimed ones right next to you unless they are all claimed.


Here is an old post showing part of that view https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/random-picture-thread/244/983


I believe the way things are set up you dont even need the owners permission to point a place name to a spot in someones domain. (which is open to exploitation)

The Occupy folks are likely to show up! :smiley:


I’d assumed that domains were born independent and the overall metaverse ‘grid’ was virtual, with adjacency relationships defined by code somehow. So, is there an actual grid of domains and does adjacency in that define actual movement between the domains?


I think…I think that the answer to both of your questions @Simulacron3 is “yes.”


On the contrary, I feel that I will be finding difficulty in slicing our 3 dimentional 10km^3 into proper 10km^2 slices that will contain less than 100 sq km of city. It’s actually a problem I’m working on with fellow developers.

The concept: Slice the cube into layers and create a seamless teleport between them using a combination of horizon backdrop, false boarder, and vr visual acuity. It’s not worth mentioning right now in detail; until I have something up @ hifi://QueenCity

I’d rather not go into the specifics, but upon introduction of topology, our max layer(s) count is about 9 per server.

For info on City mappings go check out: