Where can I find change logs?


Are there change logs posted somewhere for the multiple interface updates I see daily? Or is it irrelevant at this early of a point? It would be nice to know what differs in each update. It’s a nice feeling to see changes happening so quickly, but I think it would be better if we could follow along. :smile:


The closest thing to anything of substance is found by following the GIT commit messages. There is, sometimes, a brief listing if you fetch new executable from download page.


Ah, I figured as much. But never hurts to double check. Merci. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, when you go to the download page, https://highfidelity.com/download/, each update to the interface has the changes that have been made listed under it–the Release Notes. Is this something other than what you mean, Wolf?


As of a few days ago I’ve found 'em gone again, are the posted elsewhere? I’d love to see them back if not too much trouble… If there’s a need for compact layout of the website, maybe it can be integrated in the OS button… Thanks :grin:


Alas, change logs aren’t provided on the “release” downloads page anymore. However, they can be found on the “dev” downloads page: https://highfidelity.io/dev-download/


Found it, thank you… :blush: