Where does client-side "print" print to?


Where does “print” print to if it’s running on a client entity script?

I’ve copy-and-pasted scripts from the tutorial [https://docs.highfidelity.com/learn-with-us/all-about-entity-scripts] and the boxes are being created, but I can’t find the output for all the “Made a cube!” print statements [line 44].

I tried looking at the log that appears under Developer > Log as well as the High Fidelity Sandbox > View Logs but neither have these lines.


There are the log files themselves, but you can also use the Script Logs, which shows specifically just script events (like print).



Frankly, I can only get that window to open the very first time I click on it, and only if I haven’t gone to VR. That’s a problem, because I’m trying to debug what happens with a script in VR.

Is there some obvious debugging strategy that I’m not aware of? It feels like being able to print and look at data client-side after you went through VR seems pretty key, idk.

I’m running version 0.66.7.


Now the print statements are working. Either the behavior changed, or I missed the print statements the first time around. Either way, I’m good now.


I found this to be a much better way to debug, not least because I can run the log output on my laptop or phone and see it all the time: