Where is a list of worlds available to travel to?


So after discovering Playa and my own home, I’m wanting to transport to another world and see some interesting places.

Is there a world directory? Seems kinda lonely :slight_smile:



https://highfidelity.com/directory is a great starting point.
Welcome to High Fidelity!


Awesome thank you! Did I miss it somewhere, was there a big link on the front page? I couldn’t click the 50 online worlds.


You didnt miss anything, the directory had been removed some time ago from both the main webpage and also from inworld. We have been blacked out from the public. The images arent clickable.

Yes we used to have a proud display of all our worlds in 3 places, for some as yet not fully explained reason they have been removed from 2 of these places.
Buy a place name and have it hidden.
Yes welcome to Hifi.


From the directory Web page in a browser, click the underlined place name hyperlinks (rather than the images) to teleport there.

Also, in Interface if you run the directory.js a “go to” icon is displayed; click to open copy of Web page in Interface, and you can click on the underlined place name text hyperlinks to teleport.

I agree, it’s totally bizarre to hide this putative metaverse.


They are ashamed of the dirty dirty worlds we have created


Canals, man, you know what canals is code for, right?