Where is everybody?


Looking around more in high fidelity ?
But really at daytime or times i login, I never found anybody.

Where’s everybody ?
In the past it where possible to find judas or some others. I find nobody. and 2pm is to late for me.

Hugh fidelity need more people to find and get more people whole day.


Where are u, im usually in cromptonmoor some place or another
shop and free, and insight are all up but for some reason they dont show in search


Thanks judas. yes cromptonmoor i have visit. only one i found in search. Am on a deskchair… (in RL) :rofl: Need todo some other things first.

Still hope to catch you soemday again !


Bascom @ all feel free to roam here.

same here


You are lucky, at least you have someone you don’t find.


I am usually in blender, working out the next update on the plugin :stuck_out_tongue: